Paddling with Urban Ocean you are required to wear a lifejacket with a whistle attached and leash during daylight. 

Sunset paddles require a white battery operated light. 

After Dark Nautical lights are required.

Everything is included when you sign up to use our equipment. 


If you are BYOB ( Bring your own board) you are required to have ALL your own safety equipment.  This includes an anchor for those attending yoga classes. 

*Our rules are stricter than what is required by law*


 Transport Canada Safety Requirements for SUP during daylight.

Option 1: WEAR a lifejacket with a whistle (no buoyant heaving line required).
Option 2: CARRY a lifejacket on board with whistle and a buoyant heaving line.
Option 3: NONE be ready to receive a $200 – $500 fine for non-compliance 

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