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                The safety of our paddlers is our top priority on and off the water at our locations. 


COVID- 19   We are following the City of Ottawa & Ontario Provincial regulations, please review our policy/ 

  Classes| Tours| Rentals 

  • You must pre-register online.  No walk-ins allowed. 

  • Do not visit us if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been around someone who has tested positive.

  • Do not come to class for 14 days if you have travelled outside of Canada or to an area that is not in Phase 3

  • Our waiver is required to be filled out online prior to class.

  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes before.

  • * If you are BYOB  and using an inflatable please ensure you are inflated and ready to go a min. of 5 minutes before class.  NO BYOB for Ottawa Downtown location 2021

  • Not latecomers will be allowed. 

  • Please ensure you meet your instructor/guide in the designated area.  

  • You are required to wear a mask from your car to the water.  Masks may be removed once on the water.

  • Follow Social distancing guidelines. 2M while on land.  3M apart on the water.

  • Sanitize your hands before class and after class. 

  • Washrooms may not be available. 

  • Please keep away from ALL Urban Ocean Paddle Ottawa vehicles and trailers.

  • We are not able to hold onto any personal belongings.  Please find a safe place for your keys (waterproof bags are available for purchase) 

  • Only touch equipment that has been assigned to you to use. 

  • You are required to put your masks back on before getting off the water.


  • Our equipment is cleaned with disinfectant between each paddler. 

  • Lifejackets may be wet- we highly encourage you to wear your own. 

  • Paddlers who wish to be extra thorough may bring their own Clorox wipes to clean our equipment. 

Rentals & Retail

  • There will be no hourly rentals available at this time, please contact us for weekly take-away rentals. 

  • Paddlers interested in purchasing retail clothing or other items can do so online and items will be brought to class, our locations will not be stocked.   

  • Delivery is an option in the Ottawa area. 

  • Shipping Available throughout North America 

                                         Paddling with Urban Ocean's Paddle Ottawa

You are required to wear a lifejacket with a whistle attached and a leash during daylight. 

Sunset paddles require white battery-operated light. 

After Dark Nautical lights are required.

Everything is included when you sign up to use our equipment. 


If you are BYOB (Bring your own board) you are required to have ALL your own safety equipment. 

This includes an anchor for those attending yoga classes.   NO BYOB for 2021 

                                *Our rules are stricter than what is required by law*

                  The Ottawa River is patrolled by multiple marine units and they do issue tickets to water 


Transport Canada Safety Requirements for SUP during daylight.

Option 1: WEAR a lifejacket with a whistle (no buoyant heaving line required).
Option 2: CARRY a lifejacket on board with a whistle and a buoyant heaving line.
Option 3: NONE be ready to receive a $200 – $500 fine for non-compliance 

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